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TNPSC Unani Medical Officer hiring for recruitment is held back for now

TNPSC Unani Officer examination (TNPSC Asst. Medical Officer for  SIDDHA/UNANI/HOMOEO) in TN Medical Service was held on 06-01-2013 as the last part of examination and the results are being awaited. But on a recent note, the Madras High court has restricted the appointment of about 24 Unani based Medical Officers under direct recruitment.

This was because of the fact that Unani is taught in Urdu language only and persons knowing Urdu alone could take up the course. Thus, the possibility of students belonging to SC, ST and MBC and de-notified communities to get admission to Unani course is rare.

This has also been confirmed with the fact that under the Department of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy, there was a government Unani medical college functioning in Chennai with state government’s fund. There were 7 readers, 10 professors, 6 lecturers and 10 assistant lecturers and all other administrative staff. No one belonged to BC or SC or ST from Tamil Nadu (as quoted by the new Indian Express).

This also further is noted as a problem that no efforts have been made by the government to translate the Unani based scripts and literature in Urdu and English into Tamil scripts that the students from Tamil background can learn and study.

This has lead to a vacancy in the filling up of posts allotted to BC, MBC, SC and ST candidates and the vacant posts in the hospitals have been filled by other category candidates on the merit basis. To prevent this biased reach of the knowledge to the students belonging to scheduled castes, the Madras High Court has temporarily restricted he appointment of TNPSC Unani Medical Officers until corrective measures could be taken.

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