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Computer based tests in TNPSC

The TNPSC Board is intent on introducing many reforms as a way to help the candidates taking up the exams. On account of that computer based tests have been replacing the written type tests with paper and pen. This is an attempt at modernization as well as facility upgrade.

The first computer based tests were introduced for the following 4 TNPSC exams as an introduction:

·         Horticultural Officer

·         Assistant Engineer – Auto Mobiles

·         Post Graduate Teacher

·         School Assistant

The tests were successful as the Teacher tests especially were to be rushed due to a necessity to fill posts of vacancies before 13th of December.

Slowly other TNPSC tests will also become computer based or online tests.

These tests are similar to the OMR answer pattern just that it appears on screen the computer. This hosts many advantages top the answering candidate to revise and redo the question if doubtful, kip a question and answer it later all within the regulated time span of the test. Once the time span is reached, the test will auto-save the candidate’s answers and close for further evaluation by the TNPSC Board.

There are mock tests too introduced at the TNPSC website for the practice of the candidates. For any queries regarding these computer based tests, results and other concerns can be contacted to the TNPSC committee in charge through mail id.

From 2013 it can be hoped that most tests will be of the computer based pattern.


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