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The Answer keys to the TNPSC exams

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission has introduced a series of reforms to ensure free and fair recruitment process with the highest level of transparency in each stage of selection.

The first and foremost step the committee decided to establish was the answer key facility which would help the candidates taking up the exam greatly in many ways.

·         The tentative Answer Keys for the Objective type Examinations will be hosted in the Commission's website immediately after the examination is over and the candidates will be given seven days’ time to file claims and objections, if any to the Commission.

·         The same will be placed before the Experts Committee for scrutiny and the corrected final answers will be published in the Commission's website again. Candidates can self-evaluate their answers with the answer keys. The scanned copy of the answer sheets of all the students will be uploaded in the Website after the publication of results enabling the candidates to download the same.

·         The candidates will be permitted to peruse their descriptive type answer scripts in the Commission's office, which will ensure more transparency in the activities of the Commission.

These are some steps the committee decided to bring into action effective this year 2013-2014. The preliminary steps for this have already been taken.

With the introduction of Computer based tests his season, the answer sheet posting has also become relatively easier.

is the TNPSC official site that gives the responses written by the candidate during the examination. The candidates can check for their own answer sheet by entering their registration number and date of birth as password.

This is a great opportunity to realize one’s mistake and to revise the answers by the candidate.



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  1. In Combined Engg. Service which has been held in 2nd march-2013 - General paper,

    A and B can together do a piece of work in 30 days.B alone can do it in 40 days.A alone do it in

    c.120 days(not 140days)

    Match the list
    a. Light - Traumatotropism
    b.Touch - ...
    c.Gravity - ...
    d. Wound - ...

    Ans :
    (a) (b) (c) (d)
    C). 2 3 4 1



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