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Eligibility Criterion in TNPSC candidates

When we talk about TNPSC, one of the most important and necessary criterion is the eligibility. It is a prime factor that one, as a candidate is eligible to take up an exam to further succeed in the post recruitment and thereby settle with a job in the Government. Various people will be eligible to take up the exam by various notes.

As such this article is to help understand the eligibility criteria for candidates.

To answer the questions as to what is the eligibility criterion in general for the candidates is as follows:
·         I work in State/ Central Govt. Am I eligible to apply for the post in TNPSC?
1.       Yes. If a period of five years has not elapsed since your first appointment to a service of the Central or State Government (In respect of "Others")
2.       No such restrictions for the applicants belonging to SC or ST or MBC/DC or BC (OBCM) or BC (M).

·         Am I eligible to make claim regarding community / higher and additional qualification after the submission of application?
NO.  All claims have to be properly made during the submission of application. The submission after is not entertained.
·         Who comes under the Scheduled Caste (Arunthathiyar) category?
Candidates belonging to the following groups:
1.       Arunthathiyar
2.       Chakkilian
3.       Madari
4.       Madiga
5.       Pagadai
6.       Thoti
7.       Adi-Andhra.

·         I belong to a reservation group, but belong to “Other State”. Am I eligible to avail reservation?

·         I belong to the Scheduled Caste community. But converted to Christianity. Am I eligible for reservation under the Scheduled Caste category?
              NO. You will be considered only under Backward Classes (other than Muslim).

Further questions on the eligibility basis and concession given to the candidates based on their caste and sex related identities, seniority and age shall be found by visiting the TNPSC official site at:
Further details on reservation and destitute widow concessions will be discussed in other articles. Keep in touch to know the details.

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