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TNPSC to host for 30,000 jobs this year 2013

Last year, 2012, TNPSC provided jobs for nearly 24,000 people and made a record. This year it hopes to provide jobs to 30,000 candidates said Mr. Natrajan, Chairman, TNPSC.

The job vacancies and availabilities based on various departments under TNPSC have been confirmed as of yesterday (05/01/2013) said the sources. It is to be released to the public through TNPSC site right after pongal celebrations.

Ever since the rule of A.D.M.K has come into reign, there have been many reforms with Government job offers to the youngsters. Many graduates have been actively taking part in entrance examinations and been appointed to relevant posts for the past 2 years. There have been teachers’ appointment through TRB and Government employees appointment through TNPSC.

In the year 2012, it has been seen that about 10,500 posts in Group II services, 10,718 posts in Group IV services and 1,870 VAO posts including and to a sum of more than 23,000 posts have been filled through TNPSC.

On an account of this, to create more and facilitating job opportunities to the candidates of TNPSC, the Government has been actively taking census on the availability of various posts district wise.

From the collected data, it has been found that there is an opportunity of about 30,000 job vacancies in the Government. The youngster candidates are highly enthused about the same.

Hoping to bring this into reality, the test centers and tutoring professionals are eagerly awaiting for the pongal day announcement and TNPSC commencement this year 2013.

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