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Certificate verification for Typist and Steno Typist post recruitment

The TNPSC exams for the year 2012-2013 have been conducted in the past year and most posts are attended, evaluated and recruited of candidates suitable for the post through marks scored in the exams and few other criterion.
The Group I services examination is a part of TNPSC examinations that hosts various posts like Steno Typist, Typist etc. Of this the recruitment for the candidates selected through the written examination conducted on 07/07/2012, has been underway. This to be carried out without any hitch and easy placement of the candidates suitable for it to the vacancies available immediately, the candidates are expected to submit their certificates, like the degree certification, Type writing lower, higher certification, other additional documentation that might have to do with the caste declaration proof should all be duly submitted to the TNPSC Board. The posts that are currently being surveyed by the Group I services are Typist/ Steno Typist Gr. III.
The candidates can visit the TNPSC official website through:
The candidates can enter their registration number details in the slot given in the above link based TNPSC website and check the necessary details and information on the current underway certificate verification process for the afore mentioned posts.

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