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Final Results for TNPSC Recruitment of Lecturer in Law in Foundational Course Training Institute

The written test for the TNPSC Post of Lecturer in Law in A & B Wing Foundational Course examination in the Tamil Nadu Legal Educational service was conducted on 24-11-2012. This was followed by the oral examination that was conducted on 10-01-2013, by the TNPSC commission. The candidates who passed the written examination were eligible to take up the oral tests next on the date mentioned above. Consequently those candidates who have passed both the written and oral examinations were announced of the direct recruitment of the post by the TNPSC Board on 11-01-2013. Individual intimation regarding the selection and recruitment will be sent to the candidates separately by the TNPSC Board. The candidates can check if they have been selected by referring to their registration numbers which are posted at the official TNPSC site in the following link:

Only one candidate has been recruited for the post directly as of now not taking into account the reserved list:

Reg. No. of the selected candidate: 00101001

The candidate who is mentioned as ‘reserved’ is in a waiting list which means he/she will be given preference for the post next in case of any vacancy to the post due to reasons like:

·         Non-joining duty of selected candidates.
·         Selected candidates who joined duty but left thereafter.
·         Cancellation of Provisional selection of the selected candidates for any reason.
·         The Reserve List is valid till the drawal of the next select list for this post by the Commission.

Reg. No. of the reserved list candidate: 00101079
The selection of the candidates and placement of candidates in the reserve list, is purely provisional subject to the outcome of the writ petitions / cases (if any) pending on the files of the Hon’ble High Court, Madras / Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. Further, for the candidates whose results are withheld, they would need to submit necessary supporting documents that have not been submitted to the Board, so that their results can be processed.

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