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Educational Qualification eligibility details for TNPSC Assistant Director of Statistics post

As far as the educational qualifications part for the post of Assistant Director of Statistics in TNPSC is concerned, the candidates should possess:



Name of the Post
1.Master’s Degree in Statistics
2.   Master’s   degree   in   Economics   /   Operations
Research    /    Computer    Applications    /    Computer
Science  /  Mathematics  /  Mathematical  Economics  /
Econometrics   and   Statistics   as   ancillary   /   allied
Provided  that
the  candidates  with  the  above
degrees  in  subjects  other  than  Statistics  are,  apart
Assistant Director of
from being fully conversant with basic level concepts
of Statistics (including Bayes’ theorem in Probability,
Probability    distributions    like    Binomial,    Poisson,
Normal,  t,  Chi-Square  &  F,  Probability  Generating
Functions,  Moment  Generating  Function,  Theory  of
Estimation,   Testing   of   Hypothesis   using   various
Statistical  Tests  like  Z,  t,  F,  Chi-Square,  basics  of
Multiple  Regression  and  Multivariate  analysis  and
Sampling    designs)    should    also    have    adequate
knowledge in advanced level statistical concepts like
logistic  regression  Logit  and  Probit  models,  Time
Series  Models  including  Auto-Regressive  Integrated
Moving    Average    (ARIMA)    models,    Multivariate
analysis  including  Factor  analysis,  Cluster  analysis,
Principal component analysis, Design of Experiment,
Non-parametric tests and Generalized Linear Models.
In addition, they should have basic skills in using MS-
Excel  and  either  Statistical  Package  for  the  Social
Sciences   (SPSS)   or   Statistical   Analysis   System
(SAS) for Statistical data analysis”.


The prescribed qualification should have been obtained in the order of S.S.L.C., H.Sc., and U.G. Degree.

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  1. what books to buy for the post of assistant director of statistics?



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