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TNPSC model Q & A for GK paper - Set 6

1) 'Mansabdars' in Mughal period were
 A.    Landlords and Zamindars
 B.    Officials of the state
 C.    Those who had to give revenue
 D.    Revenue collectors

2) Who led the extremists before the arrival of Gandhiji on the political scene for freedom struggle ?
 A.    Bal Gangadhar Tilak
 B.    Dadabhai Naoroji
 C.    Gopal Krishna Gokhale
 D.    Subhash Bose

3) The French supremacy in India came to an end with the
 A.    Battle of Wandiwash
 B.    Battle of Plassey
 C.    Battle of Buxar
 D.    Battle of Panipat

4) The oldest mountains are
 A.    Himalayas
 B.    Aravalis
 C.    Satpura
 D.    Vindhyas

5) The winter rain in Chennai is caused by
 A.    South-West Monsoons
 B.    North-East Monsoons
 C.    Intense land and sea breezes
 D.    Cyclonic winds in the Bay of Bengal

6) The sea territory of India extends up to
 A.    4 nautical miles
 B.    12 nautical miles
 C.    200 nautical miles
 D.    None of the above

7) At which place will you find maximum sunlight in December ?
 A.    Kanyakumari
 B.    Pune
 C.    Calcutta
 D.    Leh

8) The crop which is sown with the commencement of Monsoon is
 A.    Rabi Crop
 B.    Kharif Crop
 C.    Cash Crop
 D.    None of these

9) Black Pagoda is in
 A.    Egypt
 B.    Konark
 C.    Madurai
 D.    Japan

10) Gondwana hills are located in
 A.    Punjab
 B.    Jammu and Kashmir
 C.    Madhya Pradesh
 D.    Nagaland

1.  A
2.  A
3.  A
4.  B
5.  B
6.  B
7.  A
8.  B
9.  B

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