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TNPSC Model General Knowledge questions and answers - Set 1

1) The moon is a :
 A.    Comet
 B.    Satellite
 C.    Star
 D.    Planet

2) Who receives Dronacharya Award?
 A.    Scientists
 B.    Movie actors
 C.    Sports Coaches
 D.    Sportsmen

3) Who was the first Indian to be-elected to the British Parliament?
 A.    Dadabhai Naoroji
 B.    Mothilal Nehru
 C.    Mahathma Gandhi
 D.    Gopalakrishna Gokhale

4) In which year India Joined the United Nations?
 A.    1954
 B.    1955
 C.    1956
 D.    1957

5) A hole is made in a brass plate and it is heated. The size of the hole will
 A.    increase
 B.    decrease
 C.    first increase and then decrease
 D.    remain unchanged

6) Which language was patronised by the the rules of Delhi Sultanate?
 A.    Hindi
 B.    Arabic
 C.    Persian
 D.    Turkish

7) Who discovered magnetic field of electric current?
 A.    Ampere
 B.    Faraday
 C.    Fleming
 D.    Edison

8) Which country leads in the production of rubber?
 A.    Australia
 B.    India
 C.    Malaysia
 D.    Myanmar

9) The Panchayat Raj is a
 A.    One–tier System
 B.    Two–tier System
 C.    Three–tier System
 D.    Four–tier System

10) Which is the most irrigated State in India?
 A.    Bihar
 B.    Punjab
 C.    Andhra Pradesh
 D.    Uttar Pradesh

1.  B
2.  C
3.  A
4.  B
5.  C
6.  C
7.  B
8.  C
9.  C

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