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Model General Knowledge questions and answers for TNPSC - Set 2

1) Headquarters of Amnesty International is at
 A.    New York
 B.    London
 C.    Washington
 D.    Berlin

2) The Yellow Stone National Park is in
 A.    U. S. A.
 B.    France
 C.    China
 D.    Maldives

3) Which of the following animals was not native to India ?
 A.    Elephant
 B.    Horse
 C.    Rhinoceros
 D.    Tiger

4) Which of the following states is highly flood prone as well as drought prone ?
 A.    West Bengal
 B.    Uttar Pradesh
 C.    Madhya Pradesh
 D.    Bihar

5) The equator passes through which of the following continents ?
 A.    Africa
 B.    Australia
 C.    Europe
 D.    North America

6) Days and Nights are equal throughout the globe when the sun is above
 A.    Poles
 B.    Tropic of cancer
 C.    Equator
 D.    Tropic of Capricorn

7) Seasonal unemployment refers to
 A.    Banks
 B.    Agriculture
 C.    Public Sector
 D.    Private Sector

8) Which is at the apex of the three tier system of Panchayati Raj system ?
 A.    Gram Sabha
 B.    Gram Panchayat
 C.    Zila Parishad
 D.    Panchayat Samiti

9) Which of the following gases is used for refrigeration ?
 A.    Chlorine
 B.    Sulphur dioxide
 C.    Phosphine
 D.    Ammonia

10) Aspirin is the common name of
 A.    salicylic acid
 B.    salicylate
 C.    methyl salicylate
 D.    acetyl salicylic acid
1.  B
2.  A
3.  B
4.  D
5.  A
6.  C
7.  B
8.  C
9.  D

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