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TNPSC Examination - Tips for preparation

Hello Readers,

Are you wondering how to prepare for the upcoming TNPSC examination? If you are looking for tips which can help you in preparing well, then you have come to the correct place. Let us help you with some important points, which you should keep in mind while you prepare for the exams.

1) Materials for Preparation - The study material that you are using should not be old. It is a usual practice for people to get old study materials from friends / relatives and prepare with that. This will be a drawback since it might not be in the latest exam pattern and it might not have recent updates.

2) Pattern of Exam - Every exam has a pattern such as number of questions, sections, duration of examination, negative marking etc. The nature of examination also differs - Objective or Subjective or Both. Before preparing for your examination, you should check the pattern of your examination. You should prepare yourself according to it.

3) Time Table of examination - The candidates should prepare a time table for themselves, as per the time able of examinations. They should dedicate certain no. of hours for studying and revision, as per the exam time table.

4) Revision is important - Revision of all the points that you have studied is very important before you go for your exams. This revision should also be made with a time table, as per the actual examination time table.

5) Preparation of Notes - Preparation of notes as and when you study increases the chance of you remembering things easily and also boosts your confidence. It will help you build your fundamentals strongly.

6) Previous Year Question Papers - Analysing and Studying Previous Year Question Papers along with their correct answers and also trying to do some mock examinations will help you boost your confidence and knowledge.

Always keep the above points in mind while you prepare for your examinations, Readers! All the Best!

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