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General Knowledge Model Online Test for TNPSC - Set 9

1) Finance Commission is appointed after every
 A.    2 years
 B.    5 years
 C.    7 years
 D.    10 years

2) Qantas Airways belongs to
 A.    Australia
 B.    Germany
 C.    France
 D.    New Zealand

3) The Muslims march seven times round the Kaaba as path of their Haj pilgrimage in the city of
 A.    Riyadh
 B.    Mecca
 C.    Rabat
 D.    Jeddah

4) Another name of Vitamin C is
 A.    Folic acid
 B.    Ascorbic acid
 C.    Niacin
 D.    Acetic acid

5) What type of mirror is used by motorists to see the road behind them ?
 A.    Convex
 B.    Concave
 C.    Plane
 D.    Concavo-convex

6) The radiant energy of the sun is due to
 A.    Nuclear fission
 B.    Nuclear fusion
 C.    Sinking of the sun
 D.    Violent explosions

7) During processing and cooking which part of food is mostly destroyed ?
 A.    Proteins
 B.    Vitamins
 C.    Carbohydrates
 D.    Fats

8) When iron rusts, the weight
 A.    Increases
 B.    Decreases
 C.    Remains the same
 D.    First increases then decreases

9) When it is 8 A.M. on Wednesday of Greenwich
 A.    It is 10.30 P.M. on Wednesday at London
 B.    It is 6.15 A.M. on Tuesday at New York
 C.    It is 3.00 P.M. on Wednesday at Hong Kong
 D.    It is 5.00 P.M. on Wednesday at Tokyo

10) The rising of evening star Venus indicates
 A.    South pole
 B.    North pole
 C.    East
 D.    West
1.  B
2.  A
3.  C
4.  A
5.  B
6.  B
7.  B
8.  A
9.  D

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