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General Knowledge Model Q & A for TNPSC - Set 8

1) Who introduced the ‘Civil Services’ in India ?
 A.    Lord Dalhousie
 B.    Lord Curzon
 C.    Lord Wellesley
 D.    Lord Cornwallis

2) Who was the famous Deccan Hindu King whose fleet crossed the Bay of Bengal with an army and conquered a number of sates in Sumatra, Java and Malaysia ?
 A.    Rajaraja I
 B.    Rajendra Chola
 C.    Pulikesin
 D.    Mahipala II

3) Which of the following is not a tenet of Gandhian Socialism
 A.    Social justice
 B.    Concern for the poor but not hatred for the rich
 C.    Equality of opportunities of all
 D.    Nationalisation of all means of production and distribution

4) Neolithic period of age is not characterised by
 A.    Agriculture
 B.    Use of copper
 C.    Domestication of animals
 D.    Fishing

5) Idol worship was started in
 A.    Gupta period
 B.    Vedic period
 C.    Epic period
 D.    Maurya period

6) Civil Disobedience Movement was suspended in 1921 because
 A.    Violence broke out at Chauri Chaura
 B.    Gandhiji was arrested for five years
 C.    Government accepted the demands of Indian leaders
 D.    People were not supporting this movement

7) We can know about early Vedic period from
 A.    Archaeological excavations
 B.    Contemporary cultures
 C.    Rigveda
 D.    Jatak Katha

8) Which of the following is not related to the Gandhara School of Art ?
 A.    Ellora
 B.    Ajanta
 C.    Khajuraho
 D.    Elephanta

9) Which of the following is the most important cause for the decline of Buddhism after Ashoka?
 A.    Non-patronage by the kings
 B.    Condemnation of animal sacrifices
 C.    Growth of licentious practices in Buddhist centres
 D.    Allegiance to the middle path

10) What is true of Indian National Congress during World War II ?
 A.    It demanded for its co-operation with the British that a provincial national government may be set up at the centre
 B.    It extended full support to the Indian National Army to oust the British from India
 C.    It decided to extend full support to the allied nations
 D.    It worked for the defeat of the allied nations
1.  D
2.  B
3.  D
4.  B
5.  C
6.  A
7.  C
8.  C
9.  A

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