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TNPSC Model General Knowledge Q & A - Set 5

1) The President of Union of India has the same constitutional authority as the
 A.    British Monarch
 B.    President of U.S.A
 C.    President of Egypt
 D.    President of Russia

2) The two highest gallantry awards in India are
 A.    Param Vir Chakra and Maha Vir Chakra
 B.    Param Vir Chakra and Vir Chakra
 C.    Ashok Chakra and Maha Vir Chakra
 D.    Param Vir Chakra and Ashok Chakra

3) Who is authorised to decide over a dispute regarding disqualification of a member of Parliament ?
 A.    Election Commissioner
 B.    Speaker of the Lok Sabha
 C.    President of India
 D.    A committee set up by the Parliament

4) The case of dispute in the presidential election is referred to
 A.    Chief Election Commissioner
 B.    Supreme Court
 C.    Parliament
 D.    None of the above

5) Which of the following is a dance- drama ?
 A.    Kathakali
 B.    Bharatnatyam
 C.    Odissi
 D.    Manipuri

6) Panchayati Raj administration is primarily aimed
 A.    To increase agricultural production
 B.    To ensure rural development
 C.    To work for the upliftment of poor
 D.    To arouse in the people of each area intensive and continuous interest in the community development programme

7) The cause for the immediate precipitation of the Sepoy Mutiny was
 A.    Use of cartridges greased with cow fat
 B.    Doctrine of Lapse
 C.    The disparity between salaries of Native Sepoys and the British Soldiers
 D.    The Spread of Christianity

8) Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, this inspiration was derived from
 A.    American Revolution
 B.    French Revolution
 C.    Russian Revolution
 D.    None of the above

9) Who was the Prime Minister of U.K. at the time of India’s Independence ?
 A.    Lord Attlee
 B.    Winston Churchill
 C.    Lord Mountbatten
 D.    Harold Wilson

10) The earnings of the kings in the Medieval age were mostly derived from
 A.    Offerings made at the temples
 B.    Land revenue
 C.    Trade
 D.    Industrial production

1.  A
2.  A
3.  B
4.  B
5.  A
6.  D
7.  A
8.  B
9.  A

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