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Heavy Competition for TNPSC Vacancies

Two of the employees of TNPSC have retired on July 1st and the vacancy that has got created through this has created huge competition among the aspirants.

Tamil Nadu Government's various departmental posts such as Junior assistants, Typists, Shorthand writers, officers etc are being filled through selection of candidates through TNPSC examinations.

Also, TNPSC conducts exams for Government servants for getting promotions in their departments too, through departmental exams. TNPSC has 14 members and a head for it. Currently, Tamil Nadu Goverment's former advocate A. Navaneetha Krishnan is the head of TNPSC.

The head and the members of TNPSC will be in the employment for 6 years or upto 62 years of age, whichever comes first. In this line, two of the members of TNPSC - M. Shobini and S. Saviour Raja have got retired for their current posts. This has created two vacancies in TNPSC membership.

Usually, TNPSC employment is given to retired Police officers IPS and IAS officers, Senior advocates, Army members, and educationists are given the posts in TNPSC. There is no other specific rules for getting membership job in the commission.

Current head of TNPSC was previously the Advocate General for Tamil Nadu Government and prior to him, Mr. Natraj was there and he was a retired IGP officer. Prior to him two of the retired IAS officers were the heads.

TNPSC members and head will get upto Rs.1 lac as salary including all the perks. These posts are highly important and influential posts. They will get a car with Red Siren, a house in Government Quarters and office assistants separately.

Above all, no one can take away their employment so easily from TNPSC. Hence, the vacancy for this commission always faces high and severe competition.

All high officials who have retired are vying to take up this opportunity to get into TNPSC and hold a post!

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