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TNPSC Exams would be a Challenging Task for the Examiners

Right from group 1 exam till group 4 ,TNPSC has introduced the new syllabus plan. Checking with the quality of the syllabus in several states according to that the quality of TNPSC ‘s syllabus is improved much. Hereafter TNPSC Exams would be a challenging task for the examiners is the information from the examination centres. 

TNPSC Pattern Changed After 12 Years
Usually the competitive exam’s syllabus would be changed 10 years once. Now after 12 years the syllabus for all the exams are changed and a new syllabus is introduced. Industrial circles pridely said that In the past one year various reforms have been brought up by natraj and he has taken so many steps regarding this for six months .Throughout the country ,the syllabus were checked with various states comparing other states and remade it as a qualitative one.Those who join in government jobs should be talented and ingenuity .Especially for group 1 and group 2 kind of high official jobs the above qualifications are mandatory. The examination centres itself are agreeing that previously the syllabus were not upto the mark. Odisa state recruitment is conducting 2 exams in the preliminary stage of group 1 and 9 exams in the main examination. But in Tamilnadu only one exam was conducted for the preliminary exam and 2 general knowledge papers were there for the main examination. Now additionally one general knowledge paper is added to that. 

Science , Technology Part of TNPSC Exam
The marks for the interview is improved to 120 right from 80.From high level officers exam till group 4 exams in all the syllabus science , maths and technology are mainly featured. Questions for general tamil and general English are reduced. 

Chances in the TNPSC VAO Exam
In VAO exam there are more than 10,00,000 candidates participate . In that 200 questions are asked for 300 marks. No other choices are there post rotation wise based on the marks selection list will be published. In this , 150 questions there will be general knowledge and intellectual skills based questions. The remaining 50 questions would be on Village administration skills.For 150 questions 225 marks and for 50 questions 75 marks would be allotted. Apart from VAO,in the remaining group 4 exams ,usually 100 questions on general tamil and general English and 100 questions would be from general science. But now in General tamil and English the questions are reduced to 50.The remaining 150 questions are on the candidate’s ability,intellectual skills as per the courses are designed. 

Ten Type of TNPSC Exams
Group 1 ,2,3,4,group 6, group 7, group 8, VAO, SSLC, diploma qualification level,undergraduate and postgraduate level, all the technical options kind of 10 type exams are separately published in the website. 

Natraj Record
Regarding this the recruitment said that natraj has worked hard for six months and involved a lot in making a qualitative syllabus. Subject wise long term experienced professors , all of the high IAS officials industry experts like people from all the sectors are invited for the discussion of TNPSC syllabus, and accordingly the syllabus is developed. Hereafter the candidates cannot mug up and write the test. One who read the full curriculum considering the different types, finding the type of solution would be successful. when consulting with the state department, there was a question arised that the new comers donot have knowledge of drafting a letter even .how come the administration will be if the selected people are upto this hereafter this situation will not occur . Experts alone will be able to work. 

The new TNPSC Exam Curriculum Effective Immediately
All the new syllabus are immediately implemented. so all the exams will be based on the new syllabus is the information from the examination centres.Hereafter passing this exam is a horse with horn and the competition would be fierce among the candidates. 

Is this Justice? TNPSC Examiner’s Question
The examination centres informed that the competitive exams syllabus have come into effect.This made a disapppoinment among the examiners.A time interval should have been given by the recruitment for the initial exams based on the new syllabus .If the new syllabus immediately comes into effect how will we able to prepare is the question arised from the candidates. The syllabus is to be downloaded and appropriate books should be brought to prepare.The candidates informed that for doing this the recruitment is not given enough time interval . 

TNPSC Recruitment website is off
From group 1 till group 4 the 10 kind of competitive exams and the new curriculum , total number of papers and the marks for that and all the details are published in the recruitment website day before yesterday 11:00 o clock. To know this detail more than 10000 candidates visited the website at the same time and the website was down that noon. For a long time the internet was not running.Home page was done but the courses page was not running. As a result the candidates faced severe difficulties.

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