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How to apply for the Departmental Exams

The Departmental exams are a part of recruiting candidates by promoting them to the next level or into the department of their current placement or elsewhere related. The same procedure that applies to any other entrance examination will be upheld by the departmental exams too. A few other instructions and applying procedure is as follows:
  • Applications are invited from the candidates for admission to the Departmental Examinations May 2013 through "FULLY ONLINE" mode. Filled-up Online Application Forms will be electronically transmitted to the TNPSC Office and hence there is no need to send the application by post.
  • Fully Online registration for Departmental Examinations, May 2013 is available for candidates applying from all the 33 Centres, from 15/03/2013 to 15/04/2013.
  • Candidates will note that registration fee of Rs. 30/- will have to be included in the postal receipt apart from the fee for the tests applied for.
  • Total Fees should be paid through postal receipt only except the candidates opting NEW DELHI as Centre.
 Examination / Registration Fees:
Kindly make sure that you have the Postal Receipt for the requisite number of tests that you will be applying for, before registering online.
Procedure to apply online :
  • Kindly send WITHOUT FAIL the online Application form & Identification Slips to TNPSC by post those who are applying for the test codes 001, 085,115,131,148,164 209,210,211,212,213,214 and 215 with relevant details of previous examinations, Work etc. before April 2013. Candidates those who applying for other test codes need not send application to the Commission.
  • Last date: This facility will be available till 5.45 P.M. on 15/04/2013.
For further reference and instructions, visit at:
Visit the official TNPSC website at:

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