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Retirement of TNPSC Chairman Mr. Natraj

The TNPSC Board has been successfully organized and headed till date by Mr. Natraj who has gone far and beyond his role of Chairman for the Board to introduce new reforms to the examination system in the year 2012. His reforms have indeed proved fruitful to the candidates venturing TNPSC in many different ways.

Mr. Natraj’s active period comes to end on the 12th of March, 2013. It is therefore expected to be announced of the new Chairman for the Board within a day. Mr. Natraj who is a retired IAS officer, took up the Chairmanship of the TNPSC Board last year in the month of January, dated 23rd. It is possible to uphold the Chairman post till the official retirement age of 62 or to have worked for 6 years complete in the post.

On that note, Mr. Natraj, who turns 62 as of 12th March, 2013 as per norms will be retiring from the Chairman post of the Board.

Mr. Natraj introduced many reforms as of 2012 to bring transperancy to the current examination system, favoring all candidates equally without any discrimination. He introduced the cam-monitored exam centers, online registration system to the exams, permanent registration based numbers to the applying candidates, online release of marks of the candidates and posting candidates to the posts based on their division and preference stay in the selected posts through counseling are a few of his reforms to say the least.

Besides these, Mr. Natraj took up the initiative to find out the availability of the vacancies in the Government jobs and to fill them immediately through the revised TNPSC test system. As such, in the past 13 months of his Chairmanship, about 30,000 posts have been filled by the candidates.

Mr. Natraj cannot extend in the post of Cairman due to the strict norms of the post, so he will be leaving the Chairmanship to the next capable hands of Mr. Navaneeda Krishnan as of 12th of March, 2013.

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