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TNPSC VAO 2016 Exams Sample Test Paper With Answers

1) When was Tamilnadu Revenue Collection department established?

A. 1864
B. 1866
C. 1863
D. 1896

2) Which of the following taxes are not collected by VAO?

A. Development tax
B. Urban Land tax
C. Water tax
D. Income tax

3) Carpenter, Blacksmith and Barber are given what kind of bonus?

A. Sondham
B. Labour bonus
C. Urban worker bonus
D. Craftsmen bonus

4) What is the Village account number for the term 'Adangal'?

A. 3

5) According to 1961 Tamilnadu's Land Reformation act what is the maximum land procurement limit?

A. 45 thara acre
B. 4 thara acre
C. 30 thara acre
D. 95 thara acre

6) Examine the following statements:

Statement A: According to Amendment 24, if the debtor doesn't have movable assets then his immovable assets could be sold.

Reason R: According to Amendment 30, based on Form 10 records the details of the auctioner who has bought the land must be published in the district's government magazine.

A. Both A & R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A
B. Both A & R are correct but R is not the correct explanation of A
C. A is correct but R is incorrect
D. A is incorrect but R is correct

7) In how many instalments should VAO collect land tax from the period starting from the month of January?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

8) What is the term 'Thandal'?

A. Village tax levy register
B. Cash register
C. Command register
D. Patrucheetu

9) Which register helps to know about a village's history?

A. Village account number 1
B. B register
C. Stable A register
D. Village account number 1A

10) What is the village account number for Rain account?

A. Village account no.10
B. Village account no.18
C. Village account no.22
D. Village account no.20

11) Find the incorrect pair from the following:

A. Division 8 - Forcing to pay land tax dues
B. Division 9- Performing seizure activities
C. Division 22 to 24- Returning the excess amount to the payee
D. Division 36- Advertising in government magazine

12) What is the village account number for Birth-Death register?

A. Village account number 10
B. Village account number 19
C. Village account number 22
D. Village account number 20

13) What is the village account number for Daily collection register?

A. Village account number 13
B. Village account number 18
C. Village account number 22
D. Village account number 20

14) With which is village account number 4 related?

A. Water irrigation
B. Land tax
C. Government poramboke land
D. Government waste

15) Observe the following statements:

I. VAO must record his collected amount in Village account number 13 on the particular day and deposit the same in government account.
II. VAO must not keep any of his collected amount after the month end.
III. Landowners must deposit land tax in form of Revenue money order or through bank deposit incase of huge amount.

A. I alone is right
B. II alone is right
C. III alone is right
D. I,II and III are right

16) Examine the following statements:

Statement I: Part time VAO post has been eliminated on 14.11.1980 as per Tamilnadu Part time VAO Post elimination act 3/81.

Statement II: Government order No.2747  12.12.1980 has brought Income tax department under Tamilnadu Staff selection commission.

Statement III: VAO is appointed by State government

A. I and III are correct
B. II and III are correct
C. I and II are correct
D. All are correct

17) Which of the following is not the duty of a VAO?

A. Issuing Citta and Adangal's duplicates.
B. Maintaining district's law and order.
C. Maintaining birth and death register
D. Arranging to supervise Rail pathways.

18) Which of the following comes under land tax?

A. Fines on thara theervai, pasali jasthi and theervai jasthi.
B. Puramboke land tax and fines.
C. LC and LCS
D. All are correct

19) What do you call a land given as donation to a temple?

A. Swadeenam
B. Devadanam
C. Anubogam
D. Devadasi inaam.

20) Fasli year represents which period?

A. From April to March
B. From June to May
C. From July to June
D. From January to December

21) Land tax plan needs to be implemented for every?

A. year
B. 5 years
C. 10 years
D. 30 years

22) Jamabandhi means?

A. Without any caste and creed differences all the villagers eat together in government ceremony organised by Village administrative officer.
B. Income commission
C. Distributing land ownership rights to someone for a specific period.
D. Selling a land to a person.

23) FMB corresponds to?

A. Corlation list
B. Village map
C. Map of Continent or a location
D. Village migration book

24)  How many types of land exist?


25) How is land owned by Government called?

A. Nanjai
B. Punjai
C. Maanavaari
D. Puramboke

26) If a VAO finds outsider activity in a village then he has to submit a report on it to whom?

A. Criminal court
B. Collector
C. Police
D. All the above

27) When was Tamilnadu Land Reformation act enacted?

A. 1963
B. 1961
C. 1965
D. 1967

28) Land encroachment can be dealt with which Land encroachment act?

A. 1906
B. 1903
C. 1905
D. 1907

29) Examine the following statements:

I. Act 37A- Public visionaries can acquire land only for education and hospital purposes after 01.03.1972 and that too after government's consent.
II. Act 37B- Business organisations buying land for commercial purposes beyond specified limit must acquire government's consent.

A. I is right
B. II is right
C. Both are wrong
D. Both are right

30) How many certificates are issued by VAO?

A. 14
B. 12
C. 15
D. 18


1. A
2. D
3. D
4. B
5. C
6. D
7. C
8. B
9. C
10. D
11. D
12. B
13. A
14. D
15. D
16. C
17. B
18. D
19. B
20. C
21. D
22. B
23. D
24. A
25. D
26. D
27. B
28. C
29. C
30. B

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