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TNPSC Differently Abled Vacancies Recruitment

I am Non-DA candidate. Whether I am eligible to be considered in the DA category?
No. If no qualified and suitable candidate is available for selection from one or more categories of Differently Abled, the vacancies will be carried forward as per rules.

I am a Differently Abled person. Whether age concession is available to me?Eligible for age concession upto ten years over and above the age-limit prescribed.
Provided you are found to be otherwise suitable and the medical authorities are satisfied that the physical handicap is not such as it would render you incapable of efficiently discharging the duties of the post for which you are selected.

What is the percentage of disability that one should possess to be eligible to apply under DA quota?Save or otherwise the concession specified in the Commission‟s “Instructions to Candidates” and any other concessions to be notified in the Commission‟s Notification / Advertisement in respect of Differently Abled persons will be applicable to them only if their degrees of physical disability is 40 percent and above.

I am a Differently Abled candidate. From whom should I get the Differently abled certificate?From a Medical Officer concerned in the relevant specialty.
In case of doubt that the certificate issued by the Medical Officer does not conform to the eligibility criteria, for classification of handicapped, the matter will be referred to the appropriate Medical Board.

I am a Differently Abled person. Whether I should arrange for the scribe?No. The Commission will arrange for the scribe.

Whether I should bear the amount to be paid to the scribe?No. The Commission will pay the amount to the scribe.

I am a Differently Abled person and could not write with either arms. I can avail extra time for writing the examination?Yes. You will be granted extra half-an hour time for writing examinations.

I am Differently abled person and could not climb the staircase. May I write the examination in the Ground floor?Yes.

What is the percentage of reservation available to different categories of candidates under Differently Abled quota?One percent (each) of reservation is available to Blind, Deaf and Orthopaedically handicapped candidates.

Is reservation under DA category available for all posts?The reservation for Differently Abled candidates is applicable to all the Non-executive posts. In so far as the Executive posts are concerned, the reservation for the Differently Abled candidates shall be made applicable in respect of suitable posts in Group „A‟ and „B‟ as identified in the list approved by the State Government and to all posts in Group „C‟ and „D‟ which will be specified in the Commission‟s Notification / Advertisement.


  1. sir,i am disabled candidate, can i cut off relaxation? please help me sir,

  2. sir,i am disabled candidate, can i get cut off relaxation? please help me sir,

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    90 questions correct for me
    is that i have any possiblity to get it?

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    i am a handicapped person . i am a oc caste. whether am i eligible to write exam

  5. Sir

    Three years back I met with an accident. And I am having fracture in the frontal bone of the skull. If I get the disability certificate for this problem . may I apply for DA category???

  6. What is happiness in disability concession

  7. Viswa what is concession disability person



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