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TNPSC changes in Group II and Group IV papers

The TNPSC reforms of 2012 by Mr. Natraj have been contributing to a huge change in the entire system. As a part of the reform, 2012, the flow of Tamil language related papers like the Tamil Grammar and Tamil Literature which could be written instead of the English grammar and Literature has taken a back stand.

Now the TNPSC committee on syllabus has suggested that the new pattern would contain 100 questions on Tamil heritage, culture, history and literature. Students would now be able to answer questions either in Tamil or English. The general opinion about this being voiced is that TNPSC had given more weightage to Tamil but the new syllabus has minimized the use of Tamil and increased that of English. Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and Tamil activist, M. Karunanidhi has totally opposed this and has asked that the Tamil Nadu Government withdraw this particular reform.

When asked to Mr. Natraj, he has said that this system has not pushed back Tamil preference only that there is more equalization now as sometimes English turned out to be an easy paper whereas Tamil grammar was tough to the disadvantage of Tamil students, which made the committee on syllabus change the pattern. And still, the students who prefer to go with Tamil language can choose their preference of answering the papers in Tamil.

He has assured that the rural region students will no way be affected by this change as Group II and Group IV exams are more aptitude oriented and not literature or culture oriented. The significance of this change is yet to be seen.

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