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Postponement of Group I TNPSC exam registration - Official notice

The TNPSC Official heads have decided on an extension of the registration date to the application of Group I exams in TNPSC examinations. The prior last date for registration online and payment of the fees for the schedule of exam on 27-01-2013 was set on 16-11-2012. This has been officially extended to-

Last date for submission of online applications: 24-12-2012

Last date for payment of fee through Bank or Post office: 27-12-2012

The examination date remains unaltered.

The official notice can be referred by consulting the Advertisement No. 331 in the Tamil Nadu Public Services Board website-

The declaration so conceived duly signed by the Secretary of the board of Examinations, TNPSC.
This is to give chance for more applicants who have missed out to apply earlier along the month and also to increase the amount of candidates to positively incline towards the Public Services Commission. One does hope this will provide a good opportunity for the missed out candidates and tip the scales in favour of Public Services Commission. 

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