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7000 employees required for TASMAC

The Tamil Nadu Government has taken up TASMAC under its own jurisdiction from the year 2003. So, the responsibility of appointing the necessary managers and bar helpers falls into the hands of the Government. Till now, there are about 7,000 vacancies waiting to be filled in the TASMAC stores. The Government consequentially has taken steps to employ about 5,000 employees through Employment services.
The Government initially appointed the graduate candidates to the post of managers, the tenth passed candidates to the post of distributors/sellers and eighth passed candidates to be bar helpers. In this way about 35,000 employees were recruited from the year 2003 as TASMAC came under Government undertaking. The problem arose when the number of TASMAC stores increased to 6,805 and the 35,000 students thus employed were not enough to handle the increasing demand.
Further, the above 35,000 had also decreased to 27,000 employees only currently at posts in TASMACs. The employee decrease has been attributed to many reasons. About 1,500 of them selected through TNPSC Exams have later changed their fields of employment, 850 of them met death due to natural causes and by accidents, 350 of them are on Medical related long leave and finally about 1,920 of them have been dismissed of their posts while found misbehaving in their posts.
This has lead to the tremendous decrease to 27,000 employees from the initial 35,000 employed. With the constant increase in the sales of TASMAC and the vacancies being piled up, the present 27,000 employees are being burdened to handle the issue of managing, selling and distribution. The Government has been apprised of this situation and the necessary data is being collected and sorted to help the employment situation. Soon, 5,000 employees will be employed in the 7,000 vacant posts available.



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