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TNPSC Group 2 Study Materials

TNPSC group 2 study materials are beneficial for all TNPSC service exams. These are based on zoology, physics, general knowledge, human body, space science, world history, solar system, important events of India etc. TNPSC exam group 2 consists of 2 examinations those are Preliminary examination and Main written Examination and Oral test.Preliminary and main examination consists of questions from different area those are

1.     General English
2.     General knowledge and
3.     General Tamil.

General knowledge consists of current events, political science, economics, history, geography, science with latest inventions. But most of the candidates think that it is very easier part in the aptitude exam. Applicants do not understand that how major it could be in competitive exams.

Some useful tips for preparing general knowledge is.Candidates needs to read newspaper regularly to stay updated. You can read popular newspaper like “The Times of India” and “The Hindu”. Most candidates have habit of watching television regularly. If aspirants convert their habit towards building general knowledge by watching political news, they can gain more knowledge on current affairs. Discovery channel will help you gain knowledge about science.

Short notes about your studies will help you at the last minute preparation or revision. Group discussions with your friends build confidence in you.  As you know there is lot of activities happening around us throughout the world and in our nation. It is very easy to grasp, but it is very difficult to remember everything. It’s an always good idea to create and keep a note book of current event. You can get many study materials online through google, you tube and many other search engines. Read different magazines, books to have General knowledge more quickly and effectively. But be thorough with what you are reading.

General English consists of grammar, vocabulary, comprehensions, and essays. English is a global language. It is essential for everyone to have good command over English. In today’s world English is a major part in all competitive exams. Without having good command over English it is very difficult to survive in this reasonable world. Some useful tips that you need to remember is, learn basics of english and use grammar properly wherever and whenever  necessary. You should avoid spelling mistakes. Your sentence formation should be clear and brief. If you want to build your vocabulary most effectively, than read english newspapers regularly. You can also learn new vocabularies by watching english news and movies.

You can get full marks in comprehension section. But it is possible only you understand the given passage correctly. Spelling mistake leaves the great effect in the preparation of english for competitive exam. How small mistakes causes big problems, similarly spelling mistakes can change the meaning of the entire sentence. Hence, you need to be sure whatever you write. While writing descriptive test of any exam formation of sentence is crucial. If you don’t have vocabulary than try to build some. General Tamil includes questions related to Tamil language and culture. 

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