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TNPSC Group 1 Exam Prep Books

TNPSC considers State Board Books as primary source for setting all group examination questions. Hence, these books are essential for all candidates who are appearing in TNPSC exam. Some useful TNPSC Group 1 Books are as Follows
Considered State Board Books
TNPSC conducts exam based on many groups. Hence you need to choose books according to your paper. You need to study social science books and science books from 6th standard to 10th standard State Board books. For other subjects like economy, geography, political and botany, zoology for all these subjects select 11th standard to 12th standard State Board Books. For Indian culture recommend 12th standard Indian culture book.
Primarily Focus On Tamil Nadu
In this sector you will certainly get 20 % questions from Tamil Nadu affairs. Hence you need to concentrate more on Tamil Nadu policies, current Tamil Nadu economy and history, Tamil nadu culture, Tamil literature, budgets, welfare, schemes, geography, awards and development activities, Tamil society and its Culture. For all these information you can elite 12th standard state board Indian culture book.
Indian History
In Indian history and in Indian national movement the role bounded by Tamil Nadu, is given weightage in TNPSC Group 1 exams. Group 1 paper consists of 15 to 20 % questions from Indian history. Hence, you must select state board text books from 6th to 10th for social science. For history you can pick 11th to 12th standards state board books. For Tamil Nadu history you can read Prof.J.Dharmarajan’s book. For history of modern India choose Bipan Chandra book.
Science and Technology
You can get more knowledge about the character and effect of science, technology in the development of India and Tamil Nadu by spectrum publications.

Indian Constitution
For Indian economics you can study the Civics books of Tamil Nadu state board. For Indian constitution you can elect any standard book.
Current Events of National and International
For current affairs you must read English newspaper “The Times of India” and “The Hindu”, and Tamil newspaper “Dinamani”.You can also read monthly magazines like Wizard, pothu Arivu Ulagam and CSR etc.
Indian Economy
You can read state board books of 11th and 12th standard economics books. For Indian economics for civil services you can read Ramesh Singh books.
General Knowledge
To get desired result aspirants desires to read and revise the state board books of Tamil Nadu. For general knowledge you can also read books published by Sura books, Raman guide, TMH Publications.
Indian Geography
For Indian geography foremost foundations are 6th to 10th standard state board social science books and 11th and 12th geography books. Applicants must have well responsiveness with concern to the Tamil nadu geography like industries, dams, irrigation, mountains, rivers, crops and location of Tamil nadu.etc.
Mental Ability Test
For mental ability test mathematics is essential, hence practice mathematics problems from 7th to 10th State Board Books. You can select R.S.Agarwal’s quantitative aptitude book for metal ability.

These all books are helpful to all candidates to come out with success in all competitive examinations.

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