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General Knowledge TNPSC, UPSC Exams

  • Laundry whitening agents contain small quantities of a certain substance which fluoresces with a bluish white light when ultra-violet rays fall on them. This enhances the whiteness of clothes.
  • Rayleigh’s scattering law states that the amount of scattering of light is inversely proportional to the fourth power of its wavelength.
  • The colour of the sea The blue colour of the sea is partly due to reflection from the blue sky and partly by scattering of light by the water molecules. Near the shore the sea is green because of the sand in suspension which scatters blue and green light and also due to the reflection of yellow light from the sand.
  • The FM radio uses electromagnetic waves of frequency ranging from 88 MHz to 108 MHz.
  • The AM radio uses electromagnetic waves of frequency ranging from 550 kHz to 1000 kHz

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