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General Knowledge on Zoology Blood Coagulation for TNPSC Preparations

The coagulation of blood is the property of plasma alone, the red and white blood cells do not take part in it. The blood cells become caught up in the meshes of the clot giving the characteristic appearance of the clot. Coagulation of blood helps to stop further hemorrhage. When the blood is shed the platelets disintegrate and liberate thromboplastin. The thromboplastin is derived from damaged tissues disintegrating platelets and also plasma.

Thromboplastin converts prothrombin into thrombin with the help of calcium ions. Prothrombin is a plasma protein. Ionic calcium greatly helps in the formation of active thromboplastin. Prothrombin is a plasma protein and is manufactured in the liver. Vitamin K is required by the liver for normal formation of prothombin.

Thrombin is an active enzyme which converts soluble protein fibrinogen into insoluble fibrin. The fibrin forms fine threads that adhere to damaged surface of blood vessels and thereby prevent blood loss. The normal
coagulation time is about 5 to 8 minutes.


  1. Vit K which helps in active clotting of the blood once the expose to the outer atmosphere. . . when there is a deficiency then there will be huge loss in blood loss

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