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TNPSC VAO Exam Preparation Tips

We the exam-savvy team, would like to share a few important exam preparation tips that will help you easily get through your TNPSC VAO examination below:

·       Language subjects:

In language subjects, you need to get well prepared in topics covered in standards 6th to 12th. You will have three parts namely Grammar, Literature and Authors and their literary works. From them you have to give higher weightage to Literature and Authors & their literary works.

·       General Knowledge:

Based on the last few years’ TNPSC question papers we can infer that more marks are allocated for General awareness, Current affairs, Indian constitution, Indian Freedom struggle, Indian Economics and Indian Geography. So get yourself well equipped in these subjects.

·       Analytical and Logical Reasoning:

Candidates can go through Life Mathematics subjects of Standards 7th and 8th and Mensuration topic of Standards 9th and 10th for scoring well in this section. Learning the formulas and short cut techniques of these chapters could help us a great deal in our exams.

·       Village Administration Section:

25 Questions about Village administration are taken from 25 different sections. Hence only by learning and understanding the Village Administration concepts well before hand, we can score well in this section.

Prepare with previous year (2014, 2015, 2016) papers by trying to answer the questions asked in it. This inturn also helps us to better understand the question patterns of Language and General Knowledge sections. And above all there is no more a better weapon than Self Confidence for fairing well in these competitive examinations. So let us start believing on us and approach the exam in a confident manner…

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