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One Time Registration in TNPSC

When a candidate applies for an examination in TNPSC, it is expected and easier these days following the reform of 2012 to apply for the ONE TIME REGISTRATION which will be the basis for the candidate information.

This OTR helps the candidates to be input of their data personally, academically and certifications details basedly so that once this information gets stored into the system, this will remain the input for any examination that the candidate would want to apply to. This mean reduced work load to the candidate to fill in their details every time they apply to a particular examination in TNPSC.
The general areas that have to be filled in are:
• Personal Details
• Educational Details
• Certificate Details
• Photograph and Signature
• Application Fee/ Intimation Changes Details
• Declaration
After having filled these, the candidates can receive their registration (for the OTR) number of a kind which can be used for their application to various exams under TNPSC. Hence this registration is called the One Time Registration which is yet again a welcome change as per the reforms of 2012.

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