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TNPSC Group I Examinations is easy or tough?

The TNPSC Group I and Group II examinations cover the major Public Service positions like the Municipal Officer, Deputy Collector etc. As such every year a large number of candidates apply for these exams and try their skills and luck in attaining the posts.

A brief interview was conducted among the male and female candidates who took up the TNPSC Group I exams as of yesterday. It was conducted in about 352 centers all over Tamil Nadu.
In this, the female candidates said that the test was easy and the male candidates said the test was not so easy.
To fill about 25 vacant posts in the Group I services examination, TNPSC conducted this entrance examination as a leeway for the deserving candidates to get through and to be recruited. About 1 lakh candidates participated in this entrance examination.
The test was conducted in the Fore Noon session between 10.00 to 01.00PM. Huge precautions were taken with Web cam Service, Police Inspectors, Examination Supervisors and such.
Chairman of TNPSC, Mr. Natraj personally inspected a few of the test centers in Tamil Nadu. To the interviewers he replied that –
The examination results will be out by March of this year, followed by which the main examination will be conducted in the month of May. By the month of August, the direct recruitment will be conducted and the final results will be announced at the end of the year. He also said that the present availability of 25 vacant posts in the gRoup I services can also easily rise to a 50 vacant seats by the end of the year.
A few female candidates were interviewed about the nature of the examination. They said –
Sagi from Vyasarpadi – The examination went fine. There were a lot of questions from Maths and Science and I did well.
The other few female candidates were also of the same opinion. But when male candidates were enquired of the same, they said –
Gopi from Arakonam – The multiple choice questions usually of the type (1) alone is correct, (1) & (2) is correct is the trend followed with the Group I and Group Ii exams. Usually if two of the four choices are deciphered, the question would be easy to be answered. But this time, only if one could figure out three options of the four, could they fgure out the right answer.
There were a lot of questions from Maths and Science alone. In Tamil literature most questions were centered from “Ottrai Ilakkiyam”. All these things made the exam really tough.
All in all let us hope all the candidates clear the exams with flying colours and good will.

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